Our Water Resources Team includes several Project Managers, Project Engineers and CAD Technicians dedicated to drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater projects. We provide technical guidance and expertise to clients as part of large design teams. In addition, we offer support to clients in programming or permit compliance through Program Management or District Engineering services involving plan reviews and technical oversight. We take pride in offering our clients full-service engineering support from project inception to completion!

Potable Water

One of the greatest tasks as engineers is to provide safe, clean, and sufficient water of appropriate quality and quantity. Water resources are precious and protection of the water supply is vital to the community’s safety. As water systems age, it can be challenging for water utilities to prioritize investments in these assets in a way that finds the optimal balance between financial performance, operating performance and business risk. At VS we understand this and we work hard to deliver technically accurate designs that are financially responsible.

Our engineers prepare plans for pump stations, water mains, water distribution lines, and water system master plans.

  • Master Planning and Preliminary Engineering
  • Distribution System Upgrades
  • Water Main Extensions


It seems like every year we see larger storm events. Many areas developed decades ago failed to adequately plan for the stormwater runoff of today. Stormwater related damage to roadways and public and private infrastructure is expensive. Proper drainage and stormwater management is imperative to the safety and continuing maintenance of our communities.

VS provides the services needed to meet today’s stormwater challenges and has become an industry leader in stormwater engineering built from a tradition of excellence. Our experience in stormwater design and program management emphasizes environmental stewardship and cost-effective, smart designs.

VS offers stormwater planning and design services including hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, watershed and master planning, floodplain modeling, design, permitting, compliance support, and construction management. We work hard to make sure our client’s interests are incorporated in high-quality and cost-effective plans and designs.

  • Master Planning and Watershed Analysis
  • Drainage Problem Evaluation and Determinations
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Design of Detention, Storm Sewer or Open Drainage Solutions
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance


We understand the value of designing wastewater infrastructure that operates reliably and efficiently. Every project and client are unique and VS listens to the needs of our clients and stakeholders to create the most cost-effective solution for a successful project. VS is well-equipped to execute any wastewater collection system project regardless of size or specific application. From billion-dollar combined sewer abatement teams to small collection system improvements with small local municipalities, VS has the experience you need.

Our engineers prepare plans for every aspect of a project from the collection system to lift stations to master planning. System improvement dollars are precious. We work hard to make sure the projects are designed safely, cost-effectively and efficiently for you and your customers.

  • Master Planning for Collection System and Treatment Service Areas
  • Lift Station and Force Main Design
  • Interceptor Development / Lift Station Elimination Plans
  • Collection System Expansion Design and Permitting
  • Low-Pressure Sewer System Planning, Design and Permitting
  • Permitting and Coordination with Regulatory Agencies