Tippecanoe County, Indiana


Four-Span Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation

The Tippecanoe County Highway Department retained VS Engineering to provide engineering design and construction engineering services for the rehabilitation of Bridge No. 151, also known as Hog Point Bridge, a four-span 399 ft long concrete arch bridge built in 1925 and spanning the Tippecanoe River in northern Tippecanoe County. The need for the project stems from deterioration of the ring and spandrel walls of the arch. Spalling with exposed reinforcing steel and leakage through the arch were evident. The wingwalls were deteriorated. Scour was observed at the piers. In addition to the need for structural rehabilitation, there was also a need for the clear roadway width to be increased from the substandard 24 ft width.

Replacement and rehabilitation alternatives were analyzed and presented by our firm to the County. The selected alternative called for rehabilitation of the bridge, incorporating an improved clear roadway width of 30 ft. The selected alternative also included realignment of the roadway intersection just north of the structure to provide improved sight distance. Design services provided to the County by our firm included all elements related to the bridge, including the new reinforced concrete bridge deck, the arch fill, structural repairs, modular block wall design, and pier scour countermeasures. The existing deck and arch fill were removed. Provisions were made for drainage within the arch and waterproofing for the interior of the arch was provided. The weight of the arch fill was substantially reduced, and the added self-weight of the new deck was compensated for using special lightweight materials. Riprap was placed around the piers to provide scour protection. Patching was performed. The metal bridge railing was replaced with concrete railing for safety and esthetics. The bridge was coated for protection of the concrete and to enhance the bridge’s appearance.

The project was featured in “Roads & Bridges” magazine. It received an “Achievement Award for Excellence in Concrete” from the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.