City of Jasper, Indiana

US 231 Water Supply and Pressure Improvements Project


The City of Jasper applied for federal funds through the United States Economic Development Agency (US EDA) to replace and upgrade approximately 13,000 LFT of 8”, 10” and 12” in order to address water supply and pressure issues that have been associated with the existing mains. The water main is located within US 231 which serves as the main artery through the City of Jasper, carrying over 18,000 vehicles per day.

As the prime consultant on the project, VS provided comprehensive design services that included open cut and trenchless water main installation methods, maintenance of traffic design, surface restoration design and permitting.

Being that US 231 is controlled by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), VS Engineering was required to coordinate with INDOT’s permitting section as well as their design consultant for a roadway rehabilitation project that overlaps with the water main replacement project. VS worked with INDOT to ensure that all permits were acquired and that the City of Jasper and INDOT were not duplicating work, thus saving time and money.

Additionally, the project was the recipient of federal funds through the US EDA. As such, VS was required to coordinate regularly with US EDA officials to ensure that the project complied with all terms of the grant agreement. On top of the typical requirements of the Davis-Bacon and American Iron and Steel Acts, VS was required to provide evidence of good title for all parcels along the route of the water main.

VS also provided bidding related services and construction administration and inspection services for the project. During construction of the project VS constantly coordinated with the Contractor, City of Jasper, INDOT, EDA and affected stakeholders to ensure that the project progressed without needless delays.